Saturejka – Mária Sládečková

Hi! My name is Majka and I create under the Saturejka brand. I am a graduate of AFAD in Bratislava, where I studied in the Studio of Illustration and Printmaking, later in the Studio of Free and Color Printmaking. During my studies, I created several author's books and various projects, including a series of Demotivational Calendars. My long-term project Saturejka's Puns has also started on the school grounds, which I am still working on today. I regularly participate in art markets with my prints. You can see my work here next. :)


2009 – 2013
Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts in Bratislava (Department of Printmaking)
2013 – 2016
Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Arts (Department of Art History)
2016 – 2022
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Department of Printmaking and Other Media)


07.02. – 22.02. 2018
Walking Through the City, Mini Art Gallery, Ymca, Bratislava
22.03. – 12.05. 2018
Studio of Dušan Kállay, Art Gallery of Ernest Zmeták, Nové Zámky (the exhibition continued in the cities of Žilina and Prague)
09.11 – 11.11. 2018
Grafix: Graphics and Traditional Printing Techniques, Nová Cvernovka
27.01. – 20.03. 2022
Saturejka's Puns, Nedbalka Gallery Cafe (Rotary Club scholarship)
08.12 – 10.12. a 14. – 16.12. 2022
Exhibition KOLABO (exhibited work Paths to Ourselves)


  • The Most Beautiful Books in Slovakia Award 2018 for the author's book You Again?
  • Special recognition of the KOLABO jury for the author's book Paths to Ourselves


09.11. 2018
Linocut workshop as part of the collective exhibition Grafix, Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava
30.05. 2019
Linocut workshop at the Happy Company conference, Arena Theatre, Bratislava
07.10. – 10.10. 2021
Linocut, Woodcut and Letterpress Workshop as part of the Trans Europe Halles conference, Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava
08.11 – 29.11. 2022
Workshop How to Make an Author's Book?, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava
07.10. 2023
Linocut workshop: Engraving and Printing V., Bratislava City Gallery, Mirbach palace


photos: Šimon Lupták